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Church Street operates a unique venue for rehearsals, intimate concerts and bespoke events. 

• Available Friday night & all weekend
• Seating for up to 60 people

• Stage size 5m x 4m

• Large backstage and 
separate musicians
 Green Room.

House gear included

• Guitar Amp - Fender Blues Junior III 

• Two Kawai 6ft Grand Pianos 

• Bass Amp - TC Electronic

• Drum Kit - Pearl Forum

• 12 Ch PA - Yamaha 1000w  

• Single loudspeaker

• Single foldback wedge

Audio-technica 851A

(for piano) 

• 2 x Shure SM58's

• 4 x music stands

• Full stage lighting

Available for additional cost

(PA Option 1)

2 x QSCk12 Speakers

Allen & Heath Zed 12fx mixer

2 additional SM58's

(PA Option 2)

2 x Turbosound ix12 Speakers

Yamaha MG12XU mixer

Click here for inhouse live recording packages.

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