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For Musician led bookings.  As at Jan 2024

For gigs, Church Street re-purpose it's lounge and photographic studio to create a bespoke performance venue specifically to support live music in Sydney's inner city.  The space has a intimate, casual "deep listening vibe" and is "pin drop quiet". It does not have a bar or liquor licence but there are a few pubs nearbyClick here to watch a reel of some past gig highlights to get an idea of the vibe or better still, come to a gig.

Below are some conditions we’ve put in place to minimize the impact on the permanent occupants of the building, our neighbours and also to keep our hire fees low for musician-led bookings.  Please read this entire document before making an inquiry. Thank you for your understanding.    

For general inquiries and to secure a date please click on SUBMIT AN INQUIRY


Once you have a confirmed date and have setup your ticketing, please fill in the CSS - PERFORMANCE CHECKLIST.



1. Concert bookings accepted only for Friday nights and weekend days and nights. 

2. Rare exceptions will be considered for mid-week bookings.

3. Concerts must end by 10pm with packdown and building exit complete by 11pm.  

4. Fri night bookings cannot soundcheck before 6:30pm.  Bump in can begin at 5.30pm.

5. No performances over 90db.  Church Street is an intimate, “acoustic” style venue. Minimal house amplification is available, predominantly for balancing.

6. Advertised start times for evenings are commonly “Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start”.  (8pm being the advertised start time)


1. The room hire for concerts (put on by independent musicians) is $300 for “½ day”. 

2. Room hire discounts available for regular users and upon application.

3. A ½ day is generally 10am - 4pm or 4pm - 10pm (except Fridays mentioned above) 

4. Room hire for concerts includes one Church Street person.   All other roles need to be provided for by the organizers if needed. (Ticket sales person, Merch & Beverage sales, stage managing and sound person - although Guy can help for simple setups).

5. See our venue hire page for up-to-date "house" equipment inclusions. 

6. Additional cleaning fees may be applicable and any breakages must be paid for. 

7. Parties, Listening sessions, Screenings, Concerts by Funded music bodies etc... are priced from $400 - $1,800 upon application.  



1. Organizers retain 100% of ticket / door takings and any merch and/or snacks, soft drinks.

2. Organizers create and drive all promotion and socials.

3. Where appropriate Church Street Studios will add upcoming concerts to its website's Gig guide , it's emailed newsletter and socials.

4. is the suggested ticketing platform. 

5. Ticket pricing is up to the organizer as is your returns policy and managing refunds where necessary.

6. Maximum ticket sales / venue capacity is 60 people.

7. Church Street can provide use of its Square Card reader for door sales but organizers should create their own account here for use on their own phone.

8. Please refer to our full name in promotional material "Church Street Studios" (Not a hyphenated "St") and link to our socials accurately.  


Church Street Studios is proudly a OneMusic licenced venue.  When you perform your own original music, please remember to lodge a Performance Report (previously known as LPR's) to make sure you receive royalties for your performances.  More information HERE.  



1. Standard musician-led concert bookings do not include use of the kitchen nor can food be served (to avoid a cleaning charge). 

2. A complimentary water station can be setup.  (Paper cups need to be provided by the booker)

3. We are an unlicensed venue.   No alcohol can be sold on the premises.

4. BYO is permitted but we prefer an emphasis on a "concert atmosphere" rather than it being a drinking / social occasion. 

5. There are three pubs all within 5 min walk.  The Lady Hampshire. The Camperdown Hotel. and The Alfred Hotel

6. Nearby Pub and Restaurant options are listed at the bottom of our Gig Guide.  Promotions quote: "See bottom of Church Street Gig Guide for food options"




1. There are 8 off-street car spots available nights and weekends.  Church Street tenants have priority but generally there are a few spots available for musicians etc…  Entrance to the car park is via Briggs St.

2. There are 2 public car parking stations within walking distance and the nearest train station is Newtown which is a 15 min walk away.  All transport details are on our "find us" page and should be shared with audiences and invitees.

3. There is some unrestricted evening street parking in the streets nearby. 




1. Unfortunately there is currently no disability access to the venue which is up one floor (22 steps).

2. The stairs are very wide (1.5m), and have handrails on both sides. 

3. With enough notice and subject to availability, a livestream of our gigs can be broadcast into a recording studio downstairs which have level access. 



Church Street Studios offer a stereo recording of the gig with a quality pair of permanently installed overhead mics for a small fee.  We also have a number of tenants that can offer high-end studio quality recordings of your live gig.  More info HERE  


Please don't engage audio recording services from a non-Church Street provider without discussing with us first.  Video recording is fine, but we need to know the scope of the videoing before the gig.




1. An Acknowledgement of Country should be delivered as part of a welcome to the concert and performance space.  This is usually given by Guy Gross (from the pulpit) but can be delivered by the concert organizers if preferred. 

2. A reminder to leave the premises quietly to respect the neighborhood should be given at the conclusion of evening concerts.


Church Street Studios is an autonomous collective of independent music, sound and screen professionals. We strive to make our workplace safe, friendly, productive and empowering.  We don’t tolerate sexist, racist or homophobic behaviour, nor any other discrimination.

Our members' personal views on local and international social and political issues are as varied as our creativity, but we share the common aspiration for universal peace and the end of suffering for all people.

Our live performance stage is a platform to share music, love and a celebration of our common humanity.  To maintain this supportive and safe space, we request that performers seek consent from the Church Street Studios management before making any statements from our stage that may jeopardise this intention.

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