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Church Street Studios try and assist emerging and re-emerging screen composers in a variety of ways. From career advice over a cup of coffee, to residency in our studios where composers are given keys to their own composing suite (aka The Retro Room) for a period of time.  Priority is given to people that we have met and have a project to work on during their time with us. It's not just a groovy place to hang, (but it's that too!!).  

We champion gender equity and strive to make our workplace safe, friendly, productive and empowering.  If you don't need (or are unsuccessful attaining) a residency, please join our Facebook page for more information and occasional social gatherings.  

Unfortunately we are unable to offer general high school work experience unless the student has a demonstrable and specific screen composing interest and ability.  This offer is primarily for screen composers.  If you are a songwriter and wish to hire a studio for a short term we have a hirable guest suite.  

Please note, this is not a job. You are not required to do any work for anyone in the studio. It's an opportunity to experience a dynamic, professional and supportive film music community and hopefully gain a leg up in the industry.  Fill in this application below after you read our fact sheet to get a better idea of what we're offering.

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