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Resident Fact Sheet

Here’s how to get the most out of your time as a Church Street Composer in Residence:

Firstly, you’ll get your own suite (aka The Retro Room) and studio keys.  You can come and go as you please.  You can have clients and guests but please be mindful that this is a professional shared workplace for us all.  There’s no parking on site.  Click here for various transport options.  You can use our car park nights and the weekend.

Then while here, set yourself a task you’d like to complete during your month.  Maybe a scoring exercise.  Or exploring a new sound library.  Or creating a new demo or bunch of cues. Then treat this place like we do.  A supportive, productive, professional place of work to get things done. I suggest you chill in our kitchen whenever you hear there are people there.  Listen and learn from their conversations.  There’s a delicate balance between being interested and enthused and being precocious and annoying.  Be sensitive to that. Some people here won’t invite you into their studios when they’re working.  But some do. (I do) But most will happily pop into your room to hear what you’re doing and give you advice. Invite them in when you’ve got something worth critiquing.  Listen carefully and explore their suggestions.  


You just need your laptop, interface and headphones.  You’re welcome to use the speakers that are in the room but it’s not a great sounding room and not entirely soundproof.

You won’t be asked to do any work for anyone here.  But you’re welcome to help keep the place tidy or help around the place like we all do.  You may get lucky and someone may invite you into a session to observe. You can offer to help move a mic etc… but mostly watch carefully and keep quiet!! If you want to ask a question, ask first if that’s ok.  Or write your questions down for later.  DON’T sit there on your phone!!!  It’s a major downer for people who are trying to maintain a positive session experience.  

There’s bunch of vintage gear in your room.  If you’re into that, you’re welcome to try and make any of it work. Just be gentle.  And no… we haven’t got time to help you figure any of it out. Youtube is your friend!!  There's also my personal huge instrument library which you're welcome to explore.  Again.. be gentle.  Past residents have created and shared cool Kontakt libraries from the unique instruments. 

Any questions… I am available anytime.  


Guy Gross

Church Street Rector ; ) 

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