Church Street Manifesto

Church Street Studio's policy: (as at Jan 2022)

Here are some tips and thoughts to help make Church Street Rock!!


Church Street Studios has a no dickheads policy.  Everyone deserves each other's respect from the outset. From visiting students to our “A-listers”. Under this roof we’re all the same. Check your ego, arrogance and attitude at the door.


Be mindful that sometimes we’re competing to get jobs and wish the best for anyone who gets a gig over another person. We prefer to quickly discuss any awkward issue that may arise openly and honestly remembering that we don’t want any animosity in the building. This place has got to remain safe, friendly, productive and empowering.   A positive atmosphere that we’ll all benefit from. 


Regarding how we charge; ultimately it’s each person's own business, but where there’s a chance that an external client may see an opportunity to angle one against another, our prices should be generally comparable.  Or at least easily justifiable.  We don’t want clients wandering down the corridor comparing prices. We work hard, should be paid well, but we don’t want to tarnish the Church Street brand by over-the-top billing (or devaluing our skills) . This can be a sensitive issue but again, where possible, a quick honest discussion can cut off any problem at the pass. 


Regarding collaborations. We discourage asking favors of each other.  If you’re on a paid job, and wish the assistance or equipment of another tenant, please expect to pay for this. Of course friendships form and "quick jobs" seem innocuous enough but this is a vocation for us all from which we’d like to go home each night having been paid for what we do and profit from our knowledge, experience and valuable assets.  Please navigate this issue sensitively. 


You’re welcome to compare the rents you are each paying however a number of factors have gone into what you are each paying. Not all these factors are apparent to each of you. The invoicing is as transparent as possible.  I do not mark up any services provided. I simply divide most of the expenses by the people in the building.  (But sure.. if someone doesn’t drink any coffee at all, we’ll take their share out of the equation. That kinda thing.  Let me know). 


Please be mindful of the fact that we share the common areas.  Yes, there are cleaners whose pay we all contribute towards, but taking a degree of ownership and pride in our space by keeping it tidy would be appreciated. Please leave the common area decor to me. If you’d like to add a knick knack or two, please check with me first. Please also note that the lounge and kitchen areas are for everyone’s use.  If you’re expecting a large amount of your own clients to use it, please warn the other tenants via our WhatsApp group.  (You may also wish to purchase your own refreshments for your clients if there are regularly a large number) Also, please remind guests that this is a shared workplace. Not a free-for-all lounge. A degree of decorum is appreciated.  In time I will be offering a Studio Membership to non-tenants giving kitchen and lounge access. Also please note, that the photo studio (and Church Street generally) occasionally will use the lounge to put on events, small concerts, charity events and lectures etc.. Tenants will be informed of this use well in advance and disturbance will be kept to a minimum. You are of course welcome to hire the space and put on events too.  


Car parking is a challenge in this area. The spaces are paid for.  If you are not paying for a spot, please try not to use park here.  The rare occasional use is fine.  Evenings and weekends are available to all.  If you have clients please try and encourage them to use the nearby public car parks listed on our contact page.  If they (or you) must, they can use the car park (by blocking in the permanent spots)  but please inform the gang via our WhatsApp.  If you need to do a car shuffle, you can identify (and call) the car in question via this page.  Please bookmark it.  Car shuffles are a part of Church Street life.  Please attend to them with good humor and patience.  

Please be respectful of each other's rooms and space.  Some of us work happily with interruptions, some prefer to be left alone all day.  If you’re not sure… just ask. This may also apply to people chilling in the lounge.  Best ask first if they mind company before launching into an over-share of your busy day.  Also during Covid, please check in your guests via the QR code at the door.


My instrument library is available for anyone’s use.  Just ask first.  Please treat the instruments carefully and return them as soon as possible.  None are to leave the building without my permission. The only hireable item is the vibraphone.  


We are vehemently a safe workplace. No sexist, racist or homophobic jokes or harassment of any kind. Please alert any guests of this policy should they require reminding.  If there are any personal or professional issues, my door is always open although addressing issues quickly and quietly with the people in question may lead to a more appropriate resolution.  Now go make great content!!!


Thanks,  Guy (Studio Rector)